Eric Semerad

For Clerk and Recorder/ Surveyor

More than 28 Years of Clerk and Recorder Experience

I work with integrity and dedication to develop lasting relationships with county and private sector customers. I have the most in-depth knowledge and experience it takes to hold this office.

• Currently Recording Department Supervisor - 15 years

• Chief Deputy Clerk - 10 years

• Bachelor of Science from Montana State University

• Modernized Clerk & Recorder records and put them online

• Responsibly manage department budget and one of the largest revenue sources in the county

• Have worked every major election for nearly three decades

I am the most qualified candidate for Clerk and Recorder/Surveyor.

I will:

• continue to improve and modernize county public records storage and access in the office and on the Web

• diligently administer the election process and ensure the right to vote for all eligible citizens

• oversee recording of County Commission actions

• manage vital (birth & death) record issuance